A shout out for our teachers


To the Editor:

As another school year comes to a close, many are preparing for that next step to first grade, junior high, high school or college.  Teachers are putting the final touches on end of year “stuff” and, at the same time, prepping for the return in August. The buzz is loud in all schools.

If I ever doubted that volunteering was ever worth it, yesterday all those doubts were answered. You don’t think kids remember, but they do...over the years as their coach, den leader, classroom “mom,” field trips, after school events, Heads Ups (an anti-bullying program) and, yes, even the most frustrating times. I have met some really nice people, dedicated teachers and amazing kids.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to chaperone an 8th grade field trip to Mystic. It was awesome on so many levels. It has been a gift to watch these kids grow up into young adults. Most of these kids I knew personally, some I didn’t think I knew at all. It was those kids, the ones that I didn’t think I knew, that warmed my heart.

One boy came up and said, “You don’t remember me, but you helped me read and bought me ice cream.” Another young lady came up saying, “I remember you,” and giggled and ran away. Later in the day, she came up to me giving me a big hug saying thank you and off she went (I don’t know who she was, but, wow, it was a feeling I can’t describe).  If you have a free hour, even if you don’t have children, volunteer. It is the most rewarding hour or two a week.

Finally, I would like to personally thank the staff, teachers and administrators for their support, guidance and time to all the children at Gorton; they are an amazing bunch that truly care about the kids. Principal Jeff Taylor is an asset to not only the school department but the City of Warwick; he truly cares and has made it his mission to help every child fairly, at the same time supporting his teachers, a feat that many cannot accomplish without some grievance. I would like to especially “shout out” to the teachers, mentors and tutors for the time and effort that they have given to be sure that my son persevere and succeeded during his illness.  You all are part of his success story and I will forever be indebted to all of you. Thank you very much.


Jeanne Muto-Kyle



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