A special Iron Lady


To the Editor:

The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher, passed into history as an incomparable leader of intrepid determination, political deftness and moral resolve. From meager beginnings, she strove to become a chemist, a lawyer, a politician and opposition leader, and eventually the prime minister.

Iron Maggie held characteristics seldom seen in national leaders. Her steadfastness led to the privatization of industries that were withering under the stranglehold of out of control unionism. Her resistance to the forces of manipulation from the Soviet Union led to the Russian coined term “Iron Lady.”

The Soviets quite correctly perceived her as a woman who was unwilling to wholesale her principles in favor of political expediency, especially when it came to international affairs. Also, her scrutinizing stand in regard to the burgeoning European Union preserved the intrinsic value of Britain’s currency and assured a more stable economy in the face of the recession of the 1980s. Her domestic policies would eventually lead to the United Kingdom’s resurgence, although she endured many calls even within her own party to abandon them before their positive effects took hold.

All in all, Mrs. Thatcher personified the most laudable traits that one seeks to find in a political leader. When one considers how today’s leaders are bereft of such political courage and stalwart determination, we come to realize how special the Iron Lady truly was.

Christopher Curran

West Warwick


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