A ‘true’ politician


To the Editor:

Shortly before the 1972 presidential election, the large George McGovern – World War II veteran, South Dakota senator and anti-war candidate – once said, “I felt called into the work of serving others”; and that is what led him to politics.

He defined what it meant to serve others: “We know what the kingdom of God ‘will not’ come from a political party’s platform. And we also know that if someone is hungry, we should give him food. If he is thirsty, we should give him drink. If he is a stranger, we should take him in. If he is naked, we should clothe him. If he is sick, we should care for him. And if he is in prison, we should visit him.”

Wouldn’t our “modern” self-centered, power-hungry politicians do well to take a page or two from the late George McGovern’s political values?

Richard Walsh

East Greenwich


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