A vets home at Rocky Point


To the Editor:

The editorial page of the Journal had an article titled, “Say no to question 4 on the ballot.” It would require the state to come up with $94 million to build a new retirement home for veterans. In a way, I agree this should be financed by the U.S. government. If they can build schools and hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan, why can’t they provide a decent place for our vets instead of a once a year thing in tents at Operation Standown?
If they took just a small portion of what it’s costing for the war that will never be won, they could build a beautiful home for our veterans.
This leads me to a second question; what is to become of Rocky Point? Warwick cannot afford to tear down those rat-infested buildings or put in sewers and neither can the state, but the federal government can. Why not donate a portion of Rocky Point to build a retirement home for our vets?
Between the mayor and governor and Senator [Jack] Reed, I think this is doable.
Think of the jobs it would create not only in the construction, but the doctors, nurses, CNAs, cooks, janitors, etc.
The city was concerned about security at Rocky Point and how much it would cost; maybe this problem could be solved by using the National Guard.
As a submarine veteran of World War II, I am reaching the age where I find it more and more difficult to maintain my home and I cannot think of a better place to spend my final days than looking out at our beautiful bay.

Robert De Vey


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