A Xmas Carol Vetearn returns to the stage

Posted by rmacaux

Since December 2004; The Artist's Exchange had officially opened their doors during the holidays with a Xmas classic of which opened up windows to a young man that first became the main character of Ebenezer Scrooge "Bob Macaux" was that young man. At our first time our theater group consisted of young clients that has flourished since than. In 2005 our group started had started to become bigger. We made our story through improv before we had the script back than.

"In my perspective; ever since I became Ebenezer Scrooge within our first year I have seen how much we have grown since we opened the doors." I became other characters as our play continues to grow; in 2005 I wanted to be Bob Crachit of which I did remarkably well. 2005 was the year we recieved the script. I continued to do other characters in 2006 of which it became second nature to me . I became one of the businessmen in the future scene.

The Xmas Carol had started to become a tradition and a big money raiser for the program in 2007 of which Bob did not do becasue of the holiday bustle and school commitments. He finally made a big return in 2008 Xmas Carol; that became known to be a 3 year streak as Nephew Fred for Bob from 2008 to 2010. "It was impressive to have a 3 year streak with the same character it could be because Fred has a strong resemblance to me with his healthy Xmas spirit inside him of which I still carry inside."

All that changed in 2011 Xmas Carol of which Bob played a double role as thin Man Solicitor and young man scrooge; that was the time I had a 2 year streak with Young Man Scrooge not just in 2011 but in 2012 as well he returned as Young Man Scrooge one last time. Now came the 10th anniversary of the show of which Bob went back to his original role as Fred; "it's been 5 years since Fred came alive in a 3 year streak and now it will be his 4th year of the character he has done well in and just like Xmas itself; I will never grow old of playing that role again."

If you want to see a new version of the Xmas Carol there is a link on my fb page to buy tickets for the show, just like Xmas it only comes once a year. Happy Holidays



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