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* * * ½

(Delightful, positive, children's animated film)

Yi (Chloe Bennett) is a young Chinese girl who is mourning the death of her father. She has put aside the violin that he had given her, retreating within herself, until one night she discovers a huge white, furry creature on her roof.

The Yeti sees a billboard of his native Mount Everest and longs to find his long way home. Yi names him Everest. He has been captured by the misguided Mr. Burnish (Eddie Izzard), who collects rare creatures, and his evil zoologist (Sarah Paulson), who has plans to experiment on the poor creature.

What follows is a familiar chase movie, with Yi and her two companions attempting to return Everest back to the Himalayas, with Mr. Burnish and his crew in pursuit. When they find themselves in trouble, Everest uses his magical powers to help them, as they make their way across China to Mt. Everest.

It is all very exciting for the kids as they root for their heroes. The drawings are creative and beautiful and the messages about home, family, friendship and compassion are loud and clear. Parents may get a bit bored at times, but the kids in the audience seemed to love the characters.

The movie is made by a mixture of Chinese and American filmmakers, resulting in characters that appear to have come from "blended" families. If nothing else, it teaches  children (and adults) the need to care for our planet and all of its living creatures.

If you stay for the extensive credits, with thousands of Chinese and American names involved in the production, you will see some wonderful drawings that in themselves tell a story.

Rated PG with nothing to worry about with kids of any age.


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