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* * * (Joyce)

* * (Don)

(Time travel romance)

It’s about time Joyce and I met a movie we did not agree upon. I Found “About Time” to be a contrived, soppy, boring, British piece of fluff. Joyce, the romantic, found it to be a lovely, poignant, romantic British charmer.

The time travel element prolonged the long (over two hours) story of a blah young Brit who awkwardly gets past his first love, falls in love with a sweet young lady, gets married, has kids, and lives happily ever after.

“Ho Hum,” says Don.

“Charming,” says Joyce.

The time travel is used sparingly by Tim (Domhnall Gleeson), only to let him correct embarrassing situations he puts himself in. It is a male family trait that has been taught to him by his flaky father (Bill Nighy). The theme of the movie is that we all do rather silly and stupid things at times and wouldn’t it be nice to have a chance to correct them.

I found Gleeson’s Tim to be a real nerd, while Rachel McAdams’ Mary was as cute as a button, with a perpetual smile...a bit too much for me. We follow their life story ad nauseum until the circle of life finally catches up with the father and we have a two-handkerchief ending.

Rated R because of some profanity and a bit of sex, but certainly could pass for PG-13. 


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