Accusation without substance


To the Editor:
The book review by Leslie Epstein titled “Nazis in Tinsel Town,” in the Standard of February 5 was read by me with great interest and agreement. It was excellent; that is until near the end when the review was spoiled because Epstein decided to slip in a personal opinion about current events. He had every right to express his opinion, but in my view this was not the place.
The disparaging statement can be found in the next to the last paragraph, where Epstein stated, “The president we have now winks, nods, and encourages those who march with torches and shout that the Jews will not replace them.”
This, in my opinion, is outrageous and cowardly to say the least. Certainly, if the claim were true I would be in agreement. However, I challenge Mr. Epstein to provide documentation and sources substantiating his accusation.
It is also disappointing that the editor allowed such a derogatory statement to be printed since it was not pertinent to the review nor was evidence supplied that would validate the remark.

C. Christopher Sirr


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