Affording sidewalk upgrades will be challenge for city


To the Editor:

Per the story “Inaccessible” by Ethan Hartley: To upgrade the sidewalks of Warwick would cost a huge amount of taxpayer dollars, with some of the cost being shared by other Rhode Islanders. Warwick would have to propose a plan to upgrade the whole city, not just a 3.66-mile stretch of roadway for two brothers.

I agree that better sidewalks would be good for all, but we’d still have to pay for it, somehow. Our mayor and the City Council seem to have to do gymnastics to get a lean budget passed. Good luck finding the funds for a project like upgraded sidewalks.

That aside, Mark and Frank are fearless travelers even on a good weather day, traversing past more than 50 side streets, about nine intersections with traffic lights and many business driveways so they can meet. Winter must be near impossible when a small amount of snow is plowed up on to their path.

Who’s going to clear the sidewalks of a foot or two of hardening snow? Hopefully Mark and Frank can find a solution to be more accessible to each other long before the city does.

Bob Deering



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da city don't know nutting bour removing snow from sidewalkies. jest look at da one on post road along da pit. da snow stays der until june. da kids walking to aldrich and pilgram have to walk in da street. somedays one of dese most precious of all lives will get hit by a garbage truck and die. den yall will be sorry

Thursday, November 7, 2019