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Albert Nobbs


* * * * (Glenn Close)

Like Meryl Streep in "The Iron Lady," Glenn Close gives an Oscar-nomination performance as "Albert Nobbs," the sympathetic woman who passes as a man to get a job as a waiter at Dublin's Morrison Hotel in the late 1800s.

Close is terrific as the meek little man who stands quietly in the background, carefully observing everyone and everything in the room. This interesting but slow-moving story shows us the typical upstairs/downstairs class system, as the rich treat the poor servants as if they didn't exist.

Albert Nobbs exists in her/his tormented world, which is upset one day when the hotel owner puts a painter in her/his room to share a bed for the night.

There is an interesting twist to the story as Albert and the painter share each other's secrets. Albert hides all of his/her wages under the floorboards, hoping someday to take a wife and open a tobacco shop.

A subplot involves a pretty young maid and a handsome young hotel employee who plot against Albert and mess things up even more. To further make things difficult, typhoid hits Dublin and the hotel guests all leave.

Poor, lonely, naive Albert has but one friend she can trust (Janet McTeer), and that relationship is the most interesting in a simple story that will leave you wondering how things might have worked out better for poor, dear Albert.

Rated R because of the sexual content, a bit of nudity and mature subject matter. It is showing at Warwick Mall only.


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