An outrageous insult


To the Editor:

The Providence Teachers Union president Maribeth Calabro, who is also a Providence teacher, publicly and viciously stated, “Our Warwick’s beautiful Pilgrim High School basketball team girls were abhorrent, disgusting racists during their game against the Mount Pleasant High School team. She belatedly “apologized” to our excellent Superintendent Philip Thornton and stated, “I don’t know what else to do.”

Well, fortunately, I do know.

You immediately resign both your position in Providence or be fired. This will allow all of our decent Warwick citizens and students to sleep at night even though you “can’t. What an outrageous insult to the City of Warwick schools.

Eugene Nadeau



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I don't believe what Maribeth Calabro did was alright but categorizing Phil Thornton's administration as excellent is far from factual.

Look at the data.

In the predominately white city of Warwick, minority students are suspended at a higher rate than their white counterparts since Phil Thornton has been superintendent.

Before his appointment, Warwick had reading scores near the top in the state, 70-80% proficient (Toll Gate was even higher, isolated). Thornton gutted the reading program, now they're in the bottom third. Minority students score even lower.

There are numerous examples like the above.

The use of the word excellent made me laugh because many know he may be the worst superintendent Warwick has had in the last 25 years because of the permanent damage he has done to the budget and our academic reputation.

Friday, January 24

If she recognized that she was wrong and apologized, why in the world should she have to resign? Would you like us to hold your feet to the fire every time you said something you regretted? Cancel culture is getting way out of hand. We still have the right to free speech in America.

Rest assured, most of us citizens have no problem sleeping at night because of what she said. Now taxes, they keep me up at night.

Tuesday, January 28
Patient Man

She apologized. Move on

Friday, January 31

Warwick did not have reading and math levels at 70-80% Five Years ago, not even close. Numbers have been declining for over 20 years. Now maybe one or two particular schools did but not the city as a whole. Oakland Beach Elementary is at 17-20%, Warwick Neck and Robertson I believe are around 50%. You can blame Phi for the past 5 but you need to also blame the Union for the past 20.

Saturday, February 1