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(Crude attempt

at humor)

Joyce will not go to a Will Ferrell movie, forcing me to sit alone through his crude, inane, sophomoric humor. The dozen or so young, white males in the audience laughed long and hard at Ferrell’s brand of humor, which I find tedious.

And that is how it is. “Anchorman” reaches a new low type of funny bone that anyone over a certain age will find obnoxious and stupid. And that’s too bad, because the premise of “Anchorman 2” is that the modern approach to the news is ridiculous. The writers (including Farrell) and actors emphasize this by being overly ridiculous.

Ferrell plays the “legendary” Ron Burgundy. He has been fired by his station and replaced by his wife. He gets a job as emcee at Sea World and is fired for more outlandish actions.

He and his team are hired by a 24-hour news station that glorifies animal stories, live car chases and “what the people want to see.”

Steve Carrell is just plain awful as the weatherman, looking like he is making it up as he goes along. David Koechner, a fine character actor, plays Champ Kind, a bigoted sportscaster who brings politically incorrect to a new low. Paul Rudd is Brian Fantana, the investigative reporter. The attempts at racial humor are as crude and obnoxious as anything ever seen on the big screen. Together, they carry the 2-5 a.m. time slot, competing against Jack Lime (James Marsden), the pretty boy in the prime time slot.

The premise that TV news has become a joke is spoiled by the over-the-top attempt at acting and dumb jokes that are beaten to death for two hours. If you can sit through this one, the stupid closing scene is loaded with uncredited familiar faces.

There are people who love this type of humor, and they will love this movie. I’m not one of them.

Rated PG-13 (I would give it an R), with sex, violence, profanity, drugs and poor taste.


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