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(Money, manslaughter and morality)

Richard Gere stars as the conniving patriarch of a family business who engages in immoral activity both at home and at the office. When things catch up with him, he searches for any way possible to get out of a jam.

The movie raises all sorts of moral issues without being too judgmental. While the movie deals with the complicated world of hedge funds, it is not difficult to follow.

Gere's character is smooth, slick and even gains a little sympathy (the fact that he is suave and handsome doesn't hurt), but his infidelity and cold actions at any cost eventually makes you want to see him get his comeuppance.

The auditors are closing in on him. His family and staff are beginning to suspect wrongdoing. And to complicate matters, there's this cover-up of a tragic death. The ending is quick and may not please everyone, but it is realistic.

This is one good morality play. Catch it at the Avon before it disappears.

Rated R, with profanity and a bit of violence.


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