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(Survival film)

Mads Mikkelsen plays a pilot whose plane crashes on the frozen turf of the Arctic. A rescue helicopter crashes near him, killing one crewmember and seriously wounding the other.

The action is familiar, as Mads tries to communicate with a weak radio, decides to leave his plane and follow a map to safety, pulling the non-communicative woman on a sled over dangerous terrain, encountering a polar bear, unable to flag down a helicopter…all before the exciting and original conclusion.

The movie loses a little of its punch because it is not based on a true story, but it still keeps you on the edge of your seat for an hour and 50 minutes. There is no backstory. You know nothing about the man's past. What you know is that he is one tough, brave, compassionate person.

Filmed in Iceland, with a PG-13 rating for some profanity (you would swear, too, if you endured what he did).


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