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(Fantastic rescue movie based on actual events)

For those of us who remember watching the nightly news when six Americans were trapped in the Canadian ambassador's quarters and then rescued by the fantastic efforts of the CIA, “Argo” is a reminder of this daring, proud, successful effort to "leave no one behind.” To many, the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979 is history...if you can even find it in high school history books.

Director/actor Ben Affleck has taken this fascinating, tension-packed story and made it come alive, sticking fairly close to the facts and, admittedly in the credits, adding some clever, funny dialogue to break the tension.

After exploring all options, Terry Mendez (Affleck) comes up with a bizarre plan to rescue men and women by posing as Canadian filmmakers scouting out a location for a sci-fi movie.

Affleck sets the tone by first giving us a brief history lesson, then following up on the sequence of events using old TV film footage interspersed with the film actors. It works flawlessly. Comic relief is provided by John Goodman as the makeup man and Alan Arkin as the director.

The rest of the movie is chilling and exciting, as Mendez convinces the over-cautious Iranian leaders and military that the hostages are part of the Canadian film crew and leads them through a complex series of events, taking them to their eventual escape.

Although we know the outcome of the true story, we are still caught up in the narrow escapes, twists and turns of this incredible story.

Stay around for the credits and see the actual people and where they are now.

Rated R, with violence and profanity, including a clever continuation of the film title (Argo bleep bleep). While the film is rated R, we would recommend it for mature teenagers who need to know the positives in American history and the role that our ally Canada played.


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