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Arthur Christmas


* * * * (Children)

(Modern Christmas cartoon)

Arthur Christmas answers all of those questions about how Santa Claus can leave exactly the toys that children all over the world ask for in one short night. Things have changed from the old days when Santa had to do it all by himself with only a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer. Now he works out of a command center run by his son, Steve, while his other son, Arthur, reads and sorts all of the kids' letters. Thousands of elves work the gigantic computer center, using the latest technology, including a GPS.

On Christmas Eve, Santa gathers his hundreds of helpers into a giant spaceship and off he goes, covering every single kid.

Whoops! He missed little Gwen in Trelew, England. But what's one miss out of thousands?

Arthur knows that one child left behind is not right and sets out with Grandpa Claus to get Gwen's bike to her. This leads to lots of action, which had the kids on the edge of their seats as the aging Santa, his aging reindeer, one elf and Arthur, who is afraid of heights, head off to find Trelew, landing by mistake in Trelew, Mexico.

We found the concept of modern technology on Christmas Eve to be very clever and enjoyed the set-up. Once they are in the air, the interest shifts to the younger ones in the audience.

Hugh Laurie is the voice of Steve, the older son who covets becoming the next in line of Santa Clauses. Jim Broadbent is the present-day Santa, nearing retirement but not wanting to give it up. James McAvoy is Arthur, the assuming young lad who becomes the hero.

Good messages and lots of fun for the kids. Take them and enjoy the true spirit of Christmas.

Rated PG, with nothing to worry about.


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