As good as a spring day


This is a feel good editorial, so if you’re in the know about all the good things happening in our schools, read no further.

But then, this is just a sampling of some of the events Friday and Saturday.

Let’s start with Greenwood School, where the entire student body turned out Friday to clean up the grounds. One might imagine turning so many students out on a beautiful spring day would be akin to herding cats, but that wasn’t the case. The grounds were meticulously policed for litter, weeds, leaves and anything considered out of place. Vines were trimmed and flowers planted. Then later that afternoon, a tree was planted in the memory of teacher Denise Walker, who for years was the driving force behind the Pennies for Pasta fundraising efforts to fight cancer.

Fighting cancer was also the message behind the kiss that Wyman School Principal Ron Celio bestowed on an albino Burmese Python Friday afternoon. Former Principal Judith Daniel, who died last month, started the tradition of kissing a reptile as a challenge to raise funds for the Leukemia Society’s Pennies for Patients drive. The school raised more than $1,200 and Celio delivered as promised.

Sherman School teachers also delivered on their promise to do something special for students if they exceed the school-wide goal to read 35,000 pages during reading week. The kids tallied a whopping 53,525 pages, with the fourth graders surpassing all other classes. The teachers performed a group dance in the schoolyard to the delight of the students who cheered, laughed and then collectively delivered a “thumbs up” to their teachers. The real achievement belonged to the students and reading specialist Lauren Pellegrino, who inspired them to reach beyond what they thought was a tough goal to meet.

This editorial wouldn’t be complete without a shout out to students who volunteered with the Special Olympics that was hosted Saturday at Hendricken High School. The event brought together more than 460 competitors. Hendricken’s kids and students from the city’s public high schools helped pull it all together; assisting with the timing and measurements needed to score competitors and the awards ceremonies.

And, need we remind you this is just a sampling?

Like spring days, all that happening makes for some good feelings.


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