Awaiting answers from our leaders


To All of Warwick’s Political Leaders:

What are the politicians doing to this once fine city?

Having lived here since 1958, I have not seen the problems we’re facing prior to this year. When one is elected to a political office; i.e., City Council, School Committee or mayor, it is imperative for them to solve any problems that arise. Blaming each other does not solve the problems. Our leaders must sit down and figure out an answer.

The students did not create this situation! They deserve better! Forget the “blame-game” and work together in a constructive manner. Eighty thousand residents, of which there are thousands of parents and students, are waiting for your solution.

Bob Salerno



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Bob, perhaps some of the 'parents' should attend a budget hearing once in a while. They've all been sleeping while the city has been on fire.

Tuesday, June 25

day habs been werking two three four jobs to keeps afloat

Tuesday, June 25
just do it

The greed of the unions have caused Warwick's downfall. The politicians all too willing to accommodate.

Tuesday, June 25

Union greed... " I got mine, screw you and the kids! "

Tuesday, June 25
Patient Man

Actually the kids do own some of the blame. Every parent & student that campaigned & advocated to delay closing schools is to blame.

Wednesday, June 26

We needs to close all skuls and build one big warehous fer da kids untils they turn 18. use da providence skul systems model

Wednesday, June 26

If we keep doing what we have been we will never get out of this hole. Would be nice to see some intelligent, levelheaded and logical minds prevail.

Wednesday, June 26

gidney and cloyd dropped by warwicks from der moon base and asked a bunch of peeple to take them to their leaders. after too days of not finding anyone to fit the description, dey went back to da moon

Thursday, June 27