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(Disney Nature Film)


Disney treats us to a nature film every Earth Day, and this one is a beauty. It begins with the winter birth of male and female bear cubs and follows them through the four seasons in Alaska.

Disney films hire incredible photographers who capture the animals up close and add background shots of the natural world they live in.

John C. Reilly narrates the hour-and-20-minute film, adding some humor and giving the animals cutesy names for the kids. The narration takes the anthropomorphic approach for the kids, which at times is a bit silly for the adults, but bear with it (pun intended) and you’ll enjoy the antics of the cubs and the dedicated protection of their mother.

Some of the highlights include digging for clams, avoiding a stalking coyote, surviving a long journey from a snowy mountaintop through meadows to the sea, and fishing for salmon.

The photographers do a fantastic job catching the salmon as they struggle upstream to spawn.

We see the bears as they play, scratch themselves, show affection, and fight for survival.

Stay for the credits and get a behind-the-scenes look at how the fantastic shots were taken.

Rated G for “Great.”


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