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(Supernatural drivel)

There's a new girl in town. The town is the small, red-neck Gatlin, South Carolina, where the local residents don't care much for witches.

Lena (Alice Englert)is not technically a witch. She is approaching her 16th birthday, when circumstances will dictate whether or not she goes to the dark side and follow the wishes of her family. But along the way she falls in love with Ethan (Alden Ehrenreich), a local yokel who has big plans about heading north on Route 95 and starting a new life.

Can Ethan break the curse?

Is Lena condemned to be a witch the rest of her life?

Does Ethan have to look and act so gawky every time Lena uses her "powers" to make lightning strike or windows shatter?

Lena lives in a rundown southern manse with her uncle (Jeremy Irons), who has control of her. Ethan walks through the front door into a modern setting and some whirlwind special effects that makes his head, or ours, spin. It is all about teenage love, good over evil, and free will. It is also pretty corny.

Emma Thompson is good as Lena's black witch mother, taking over the body of the local religious zealot and overacting her way through the movie. Viola Davis is a seer who seems to know what has happened and what is about to happen, guiding our young lovers through their challenges.

Young teenage girls may drag their boyfriends through this drivel, but in return the guys will surely make them watch Bruce Willis "die hard" one more time.

The special effects are pretty mind-blowing, especially at the end, but it is mostly much ado about very little.

Rated PG-13, with some violence.


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