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Better Burger Company


Burger “joints” seem to be the fastest growing eateries in Rhode Island. And I’m not talking fast-food burger joints.

LUXE came along with one of the earlier upscale establishments, complete with white tablecloths and valet parking. We now have Red Robin in Warwick Mall, where the wait on weekends can be nearly an hour long. Restaurants like Twin Oaks and Ted’s in Cranston serve gourmet burgers.

And now we have BBC, or Better Burger Company, at 215-217 Thayer St., a block from the Avon Theatre, where you can order a burger that is antibiotics and growth hormone free and from a cow that is organic and grass-fed.

BBC broils their burgers over an open fire with olive oil on artisan buns. What more could you ask for?

The classic burgers, with lettuce, tomato and their homemade ketchup come in three sizes: 5.3 oz ($4.49), 8 0z. ($5.99) and 10 oz. ($6.99). They have seven Specialty Burgers at $5.49, $6.99 and $7.99.

We tried the 8 oz. (plenty large enough) Blue Moon and loved it. Joyce ordered hers rare, and that’s the way it came. Mine was a perfectly cooked medium rare. Toppings included crumbled blue cheese, mushrooms and fried onion rings, in addition to the lettuce and tomato, and made the sandwich a challenge to get around…but oh so tasty.

You can get free extra toppings of their special BBC spicy aioli, onions cooked raw, fried or caramelized, jalapenos, roasted peppers, and a variety of other sauces.

We went back to try their Gyro Burger, with lamb-beef gyro, tzatziki (great sauce), tomato and onion, and the Ivy League Burger with Swiss, mushrooms and caramelized onions (Joyce), which were also great.

I stole a few of a friend’s sweet potato fries, which were better than the Greek fries, with feta cheese and oregano thrown over them ($2.95).

They also serve “wholesome” burgers made out of salmon, turkey, falafel, black beans, or veggies, plus other sandwiches and wraps, including chicken, tuna and turkey.

The fries include sweet potato, cheddar, chili and Greek fries, with oregano and feta cheese ($2.95). The Greek fries were the only disappointment. We couldn’t taste the oregano and the feta fell to the bottom of the dish.

BBC also has a full breakfast menu and a beer and wine license.

A rarity on Thayer St. is free parking, although there isn’t a lot of it. Check them out at


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