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(Cheap jokes/dumb story)

Any movie that begins with a woman sitting on a toilet is enough for any sane person to lose interest.

Adam Sandler’s latest bomb is loaded with bathroom humor, bad writing and dumb situations. When will the talented Drew Barrymore learn that her career is going down that same toilet.

Barrymore plays Lauren, a divorced mother of two boys who makes her living organizing closets, while living a very organized life. She goes on a disastrous blind date at Hooters with Jim, a widower with three girls, who works at Dick’s Sporting Goods (talk about crass commercialism).

 They meet again in a drug store where he is buying a sensitive item for his oldest daughter (more crass commercialism and gross humor). Through a contrived plot, the two families end up sharing a suite at a posh African resort, where families are encouraged to “blend.” While the credits mention Georgia and South Africa as sites, the film looks like it was shot in a Hollywood back lot.

It’s all about “family,” as Lauren and Jim, who can’t stand each other, warm up to each other’s kids and respectively help them out. You can see where this is going.

The kids are good, especially Bella Thorne, whose father has given her a horrible hairstyle until Lauren gives her a stunning makeover.

 Terry Crews plays an African entertainer who keeps interrupting the flow of the story with his Greek/African chorus.

The movie goes terribly astray due to Sandler’s irritating character, making you wonder how anyone could warm up to him. But Lauren does, and we get a very corny conclusion to a long two-hour attempt at comedy.

Rated PG-13, with bathroom and sexual humor aimed at a mental age of five.


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