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(Disney/Pixar cartoon feature)

This one is a tribute to all those brave, independent young girls out there who have minds of their own.

Merida (voice of Kelly MacDonald) is a princess. And princesses are supposed to do what their mother tells them, like marry according to the rules.

Merida has developed her skills in archery (She must have seen The Hunger Games) and chooses that sport as the competition for her hand in marriage.

The clans gather. Three goofy prospects vie for her hand and Merida beats them all, claiming that she won and will choose who she wishes to marry and when she will do so.

In the old days, we would have called Merida a tomboy, but today she is rightfully called an independent woman and serves as a role model to all the young girls who will flock to this movie.

Merida runs away from the castle and finds herself in the dark forest (the 3D movie is very dark), only to be guided by little blue will of the wisps. They lead her to a witch’s cottage, where the weird witch (Julie Waters) casts a spell on her mother (Emma Thompson), turning her into a bear. She also turns her three impish brothers into bear cubs. This causes a big problem because her father, the king (Billy Connolly), has had his leg chewed off by a bear and doesn’t think too kindly of the creatures.

Merida begs the witch to release her mother from her spell. The witch gives her a complicated list of things to break the spell. We couldn’t figure it all out, so I’m sure the kids in the audience were confused.

Anyway, Merida ends up the heroine after much running around and narrowly escapes.

Rated PG, with some scenes that could scare the little ones. More interesting for the adults is a lovely little cartoon short titled “La Luna.”


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