Breaking our dependence on oil


To the Editor:

The recent United States decision to pull out of Iraq is good news for American soldiers. To help avoid future foreign entanglements on this scale, policymakers need to turn their attention to an underlying cause of many foreign policy problems: our dependence on oil, which funds totalitarian regimes while costing families at the pump and on their heating bills. To protect our security and work toward energy independence, it is crucial that we act quickly to move away from oil.
In Rhode Island we are in a good position to lead the way in this effort to reduce oil dependence. And we know how this can happen: by exploring alternative forms of energy, improving our transportation infrastructure, and implementing energy-efficient technologies. In the 2012 session, the Rhode Island General Assembly needs to establish an oil reduction plan that keep us on track and streamline this process. We will save American lives and promote global democratic values by reducing our dependence on petroleum.

Molly Welsh
Environment Rhode Island


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