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(Convoluted action movie)

There’s lots of action in Paul Walker’s last movie before his untimely death, but most of it is a convoluted mess.

The brick mansions of the title is a rundown housing project in Detroit in the near future. Drug gangs have taken over the area and turned it into a war zone, surrounded by barbed wire fences and concrete roadblocks. The mayor and his developer friends want to destroy the housing project to build the Detriot of the future, displacing all of the druggies, but also all the poor folks who live there.

Paul Walker (Damien) to the rescue. Teaming up with a true rebel (David Belle), they penetrate brick mansions, kill dozens of bad guys, cut a last-minute deal with the drug lord (rapper RZA) and save the city from destruction.

Of course, there are bad cops and greedy businessmen working alongside the drug dealers. There is even a bomb attached to a rocket that could either destroy brick mansions or the city of Detroit.

It all comes down to that final minute when Walker can save the world...or at least Detroit.

The movie makes little sense. Some of the fight scenes are poorly staged and the entire cast show little signs of winning any acting awards.

Rated PG-13 (incredible!) with continuous violence, drugs, profanity and sex.


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