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(Stupid horror movie)

If you desperately want to have a baby and a spaceship lands in your backyard with a baby boy in it, don't pick him up and raise him. Maybe it worked for Superman's parents, but it sure didn't make life pleasant for the Breyers (Elizabeth Banks and David Denman).

Brandon seems like a normal baby, but beginning with his 12th birthday, he starts to act real strange, defiant and violent. First, it is all those dead chickens. Then he crushes a girl's hand. Then we get a gross scene where he destroys a diner and puts a woman's eye out. That's fun to watch. That's all followed by a string of murders.

The sheriff suspects Brandon. Yeah? So does Dad, but Mom just wants to believe he's an average boy.

Brandon turns out to be a first class homewrecker, literally. After he destroys everybody and everything in sight, the movie finally ends with the credits being interrupted by TV news reports of further destruction in the Kansas town of Brightburn.

Rated R with profanity, violence and gore.


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