Brock’s Collision Center & Auto Repair: Your best decision, after a collision


The five simple letters spelling the word "Jenna" on the rear of Anthony Broccoli's car might look like any other name to the average passerby. But the name "Jenna" is not ordinary at all, especially to Broccoli, owner of Brock's Collision Center & Auto Repair. He had that name hand-painted on his prized 2010 Camaro as a constant reminder of his nine year old niece who recently passed away from cancer. But the story goes deeper than this . . . .

Anthony Broccoli, (aka "Brock") had been saving and saving to get some detail work done on his shiny crimson sports car. When he learned that his young niece Jenna's cancer had returned after a period of remission, Brock decided his hard-saved money would be better spent helping to offset the many expenses Jenna's family had accrued during her care. After sending along this generous gift, Brock began saving again for that dreamed-for detail work, only to realize again that his money could do more good helping those in need. When Jenna succumbed to her cancer at such a young age, Brock felt that perhaps it was time to give up on his original dream, and instead, to honor Jenna's name ~ and her battle ~ with this final gesture. And so, when you are driving around Warwick, and you see a polished, red Camaro pass you by, look for Jenna's name - you will know that this was one special girl to Anthony Broccoli.

Anthony Brock's Collision Center & Auto Repair is a comprehensive, one-stop shop in Warwick. It is known for the quality of its workmanship, its affordable pricing and its long history of honesty. Here, a team of talented, experienced and highly skilled technicians will return your vehicle to its original condition following an accident of any magnitude ~ regardless of the degree of exterior damage, they will get the job done. Testimonials from their huge customer base repeatedly praise the uncompromising level of work done here.

Brock's Collision Center is a full service repair shop that offers a wide range of services for all automobile makes and models. In addition to their exterior body work, they also do major and minor repairs of all kinds - from simple tune-ups and oil changes to more complicated, computer-diagnosed repairs.

As a small business owner, Anthony Broccoli is mindful of the need to protect his valued customers' privacy and identities. It is his commitment to discard all personal information except a customer's name and phone number; everything else is securely disposed of. You can be sure that both your vehicle and your identity are safe with Brock's Collision Center.

Brock's Collision Center is located in the Apponaug section of Warwick at 3066 Post Road. For your best decision after a collision, call 738-3440.


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