Brock’s Collission Center & Auto Repair: For all your post-winter repairs


Potholes. Potholes here, potholes there, potholes everywhere! The collateral damage of this winter's crazy weather is the potholes. Potholes, or the gaping pits in the ground caused by frequent freezing, thawing and freezing, are every car's worst enemy. They wreak havoc on your vehicle's whole ride control system and can cause inestimable damage to your car's tires, struts and shocks. Everything from your car's stability to its steering, braking and overall handling on the road are affected by damage to these important parts. To check your vehicle's struts and shocks and to avoid the fallout from this winter's toll on your car, bring it to Brock's Collision Center & Auto Repair today.

Brock's Collision Center is a comprehensive, one-stop shop known for quality workmanship, affordable pricing and a long history of integrity, honesty and professionalism. As a full service repair shop, it offers a wide range of work on automobiles of all makes and models. The highly trained and skilled technicians here bring both years of experience and the latest in technology, including advanced computer diagnostics, to their work. While Brock's Collision is primarily known for its exterior auto body work, they also do major and minor repairs of all kinds - from simple tune-ups and oil changes to more complicated repairs such as the servicing of your car's struts and shocks.

If your vehicle is involved in an accident - whether it is a minor "fender bender" or an unfortunate incident that yields more serious damage, this team will work tirelessly to restore your vehicle to its original condition and to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. For many of these technicians, auto body repair and restoration has been a life's passion. It is what they do best. Their first priority is the complete satisfaction of their customers. YOU are the first priority at this auto body and repair shop.

As a small business owner, Brock's Collision Center's owner Anthony Broccoli (aka "Brock") not only promises exceptional results but also looks out for his customers in other ways. Brock is extremely aware of the risks of identity theft when sensitive material is known about his customers. It is his 100% commitment to safely and securely discard of all your personal information, with the exception of your name and phone number, as soon as your work is completed.

Furthermore, Brock wants his customers to know that not all body repairs require filing an insurance claim and that they are not obligated to use the repair shop their insurance agencies refer them to. Let the team here help you with all these often complicated details - they are there to serve you.

For more information call 738-3440, or visit them at 3066 Post Road in Warwick. Find Brock's Collision Center & Auto Repair on facebook to see samples of their expert workmanship.


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