Brock’s Collission Center & Auto Repair: No matter how big or small the job


All you did was look down at the dashboard to check your radio dial for ONE second, and before you knew it, you are in a frustrating fender bender. Luckily you weren't hurt this time, but you did a decent amount of damage to the front end of your car, and there is no avoiding a trip to the body shop. Anthony Broccoli, owner of Brock's Collision Center and Auto Repair shop in Apponaug sees this kind of damage all the time, and sometimes, the consequences are much more serious, and the damage much more extensive. There is no doubt about it, fender benders and accidents are a part of almost every vehicle's history. If you have been involved in an accident of any degree of severity, you need the help of an auto body shop you can trust ~ an auto body shop like Brock's Collision Center and Auto Repair.

Brock's Collision Center is a comprehensive, one-stop shop known for quality workmanship, affordable pricing and long history of integrity, honesty and professionalism. Owner Broccoli (aka "Brock") has chosen a team of talented, experienced and highly skilled technicians who are both passionate about their work, and about serving their customers.

Over the years, the team here has seen an increasing number of cars with blown engines because vehicle drivers have neglected to heed their car's warning signals. Brock advises this simple "rule of thumb": when a green light appears on the dashboard, such as a directional, it means all systems "go" or when a yellow light appears, it is a "caution" - your car needs an oil change or minor upkeep. But when that red light appears, you need to take immediate notice - "stop" and have your car towed to a repair shop, now. Ignoring these signals can mean major trouble and lead to major costs that could have been avoided.

In addition to teaching his valued customers about how to "read" their vehicles' warning signs, Anthony Broccoli looks out for his customers in other ways. As a small business owner, he is especially mindful of the need to protect his valued customers' privacy and identities. It is his commitment to discard all personal information except a customer's name and phone number; everything else is securely disposed of. You can be sure that both your vehicle AND your identity are safe with Brock's Collision Center & Auto Repair.

Brock's Collision Center is a full service repair shop that offers a wide range of services for all automobile makes and models. In addition to their exterior body work, they also do major and minor repairs of all kinds - from simple tune-ups and oil changes to more complicated, computer diagnosed repairs.

For more information call 738-3440, or stop in at 3066 Post Road in Warwick. Also "like" them on Facebook at Brock's Collision.


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