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Bullet to the Head


(Mindless violence/mindless acting)

Sylvester Stallone grunts his way through this terrible movie that is filled with mindless violence and unforgiving acting. Stallone narrates his story of a paid assassin who will kill any man for money, but draws the line on killing women.

The movie opens with his character, Jimmy Bobo, putting a bullet, one of many to follow, in the middle of a guy's forehead. Set in New Orleans, the plot is as bad as the acting. Jimmy teams up with a Korean-American cop (Sung Kang), as they both try to find out who killed their partners.

The odd couple has different approaches to their task. The cop wants to take the perpetrators in, Jimmy want to take them out. Jimmy gets his way.

“You can't kill a guy like that," Kwon tells Jimmy.

“I just did," Jimmy replies. That's the level of the dialogue.

The rest of the movie has the pair chasing after a hard drive that incriminates crooked cops, businessmen, politicians and just plain bad guys. Along the way there are dozens of bullets to the head.

Rated a big R, with absolutely no redeeming social value but plenty of ugly violence, profanity and nudity.


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