Bump in the night


To the Editor:

It was dark. I was traveling north on the illustrious Warwick Avenue Parkway when my small auto was jolted by a “bump.” I had been traveling below the speed limit, thankfully; when suddenly there was another jolt, another bump.

I feared the worst, front-end damage or at best, a flat tire. Neither, with God’s grace, occurred. I became paranoid; I slowed and sure enough, there were more bumps, more jolts, and a quarter-mile later the sign from God appeared: “Slow Bumps Ahead.”

I thought, “What of the bumps behind? I guess they don’t matter?” I looked to my left and there was a large flatbed tow-truck gleefully hauling up one car far less fortunate than mine.

Oh, but tomorrow road will be so perfect – yet, today, I have to ask where have our brains and our sense of consideration really gone?

As life, it’s just another bump in the road.

Brian Cousineau



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