Buttonwoods 416 Open every day except Mondays and Tuesdays


When Jackie and Tony Fiore first opened their cozy bistro-style restaurant on Buttonwoods Avenue, they never imagined they would be serving customers of every age and demographic for sixteen years. Sixteen years of serving delicious food to generations of hungry diners, many of who come back time after time to bask in the hometown atmosphere of this popular neighborhood eatery. Sixteen years of making people feel important and noticed, as well as fed and nurtured. Sixteen years of laboring over every hand-cut fry, every lightly battered filet, every steaming bowl of clam chowder, every juicy burger, every drop of freshly-brewed coffee.

Buttonwoods 416 is not only the “second home” to Tony and Jackie, it is also the second home to many loyal fans, including a group of four former strangers who now visit the restaurant every day that it is open – AND every Friday night! What began as four single seats at a table-for-two has evolved into a deep and lasting friendship for Irma Carolan, Marilyn Colvin, Mark Brown and Bob Deady.

These four diners met over time at Buttonwoods 416 ~ each coming and sitting alone until a fleeting moment in time caused once individual paths to collide. Inspired by the unspoken “leader” of the group, Irma, friendships were forged, invitations were extended, and stories were told. Now, if you come to Buttonwoods 416 on any given day, you will see this close-knit group eating their favorite dishes, laughing and celebrating life! They are an inspiration!

Irma, Marilyn, Mark and Bob are hardly the only “regulars” here at Buttonwoods. Others flock from across the region just for a bite of Tony’s homestyle cooking. Bob raves about the spicy Creole fish while Mark and Marilyn favor his Baked Fish. Because Irma is so familiar with the menu, she likes just about everything! The Meatloaf! The Eggplant! The soups (Beef barley tops the list)! The pasta dishes! The breakfast specials! Everything made with that secret ingredient that never fails, love.

While everyone agrees that Tony’s food is reason enough to visit Buttonwoods 416, the service offered here is also top-notch. Jackie floats around the room, taking orders and visiting with each guest. When she looks a little overwhelmed, it wouldn’t be unusual to find 92 year-old Irma clearing a plate or two. (Her friends lovingly call her a “frustrated waitress” and “social butterfly). Jackie doesn’t mind ~ she knows that what family members do for each other.

Come to Buttonwoods 416 to indulge your appetite . . . and to become part of the family.

Buttonwoods 416 is located at 416 Buttonwoods Avenue. Open Wednesday - Saturday, 6:30am - 2:00 pm (except Friday, 6:30 am - 8:00 pm for dinner) and Sunday from 6:30am -1:00 pm (breakfast only). Closed on Mondays. For TAKE-OUT, call 738-7571. Visit them on Facebook or at www.buttonwoodsfishandchips.com.

Buttonwoods 416 is BYOB so don’t forget to bring along your favorite bottle of wine!


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