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(Comic book hero with a message)

Fans of Marvel comic book heroes will not be disappointed with the nonstop action and violence in the latest adventures of Captain America as portrayed by Chris Evans. The writers even throw in a bit of political philosophy with warnings for where the world is heading if we don’t clean up our act.

The special effects are as good as it gets, albeit a bit over the top.

Captain American gets to work with Black Widow (Scarlet Johannson), a beautiful, tough, sexy partner with a contrasting set of ethical standards. Anthony Mackie is also at his side as Falcon, although he needs some special equipment to fly around and wipe out the bad guys.

And just who are the bad guys, he asks the Captain. “They’re the ones that are shooting at you,” his mentor replies.

Well, it seems as if everyone is shooting at everyone, or trying to blow each other up.

Robert Redford plays Alexander Pierce, the top gun at S.H.I.E.L.D. His philosophy on survival of the human race is quite different from Captain America’s.

Samuel L. Jackson plays Nick Fury, who has more lives than the proverbial cat.

 There are gigantic machines that fly through the sky, destroying everything in sight. There are the required car chases and crashes. There’s the inevitable showdown between Captain America and the surprising bad guy. And through all this there is the ultimate hero and good guy, Captain America, and his trusty shield.

The writers throw in a little tongue-in-cheek humor, and there’s an interesting Captain America exhibit at the Smithsonian, plus another different approach to fighting in an elevator.

It’s all about trust, and greater good, and ends justifying the means.

And then, for those who hang around after the credits list the multitude of stunt men and special effects folks, there are two scenes that hints of what is to come next. Rated PG-13, with lots of violence.


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