Capuano Reverse Mortgage Inc. 'You CAN stay in your home'


"You CAN stay in your home." For many retirees and seniors who are 62 years or older, these simple words can offer something money cannot buy, peace of mind. When just the thought of leaving their home and the lifetime of memories it holds causes undue stress, peace of mind can seem elusive, especially at a time meant for relaxation and enjoyment.

Mark D. Capuano of Capuano Reverse Mortgage Inc. hears different stories from senior homeowners every day, many of those conversations ending with the same sentiment ~ “I want to stay in my home.” Mark Capuano has been in the lending industry for over 15 years, ten years of which were spent owning his own mortgage company. He knows this business. He also knows his clients and cares deeply for those who put their trust in him ~ their stories matter to him, their peace of mind matters to him, their lives matter to him.

It is Mark’s mission, as the owner of Capuano Reverse Mortgage, to lend a helping hand to adults who are 62 years or older, who own their own home and who are not aware of the viable option of a reverse mortgage. He wants to educate these homeowners about the many benefits of reverse mortgages, some of which include:

• Offering the choice of making a mortgage payment or not.

• Allowing access to funds for things such as paying off debt, making home improvements and affording caregiving expenses

• Supplementing monthly incomes

• Extending the life of other retirement savings

If staying in your home is your desire and hope, Mark Capuano can help you. Mark walks his clients through each and every step of the reverse mortgage process. He will come to your home, work with your own financial adviser if desired and then complete the process until every “T” is crossed and every question is answered.

Those who know Mark Capuano know him for his approachability and impeachable character. He is trustworthy, diligent and thoughtful, and though he has had a long and successful career in financial services, he is first and foremost, a family man. Raised by loving and supportive parents, Jack and Elaine Capuano, he is the devoted father of 11-year old Kylie and 13-year old Jaden. They are his most prized accomplishment.

Mark knows that with the support of loved ones, it is possible to endure any hardship. His primary goal as an expert in reverse mortgages is to advise senior homeowners and their families as they plan out the latter chapters of life and make the very important financial decision about staying in their home.

To learn more, call Mark Capuano at Capuano Reverse Mortgage Inc at 401-524-7121, contact him at or visit him at 1020 Park Avenue, Suite 216.


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