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(Remake of classic ’70s horror film)

I still retain the image of Sissy Spacek, standing on the high school stage, covered in pig’s blood. It is a haunting memory of one of the first movies I ever reviewed.

I approached the remake with an open mind, impressed with Chloe Grace Moretz’s interpretation of the mentally and physically abused teenager, and moved by Julianne Moore’s chilling interpretation of her religiously fanatic mother. The story of the girl with telekinetic powers who uses them for self-preservation has been updated to include cyber-bullying at its meanest.

Talk about a dysfunctional family! Carrie’s mother has deeply harmed her, turning her into a frightened introvert who wants little more in life than to be a normal teenager. The modern world of cell phones and video communication has made it easier for the bullies.

Realizing that many teenagers have never seen the original, I commend this version to them. I still can’t get over the image of Sissy Spacek, now playing grandmother roles, standing on the stage about to unleash her powers.

Rated R, with violence, language and adult themes, yet ironically aimed at a teen audience.


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