'Cash Mob' descends on unsuspecting local business Saturday


A mob will gather this Saturday in the City Hall parking lot, but instead of signs they’ll all be carrying at least $20 in cash.

This will be the “Cinco do Mo, Yo” said Dr. Timothy Hudyncia, with a laugh. Hudyncia and Lea Knepley are co-founders of Let’s Buy Local, a grassroots, community-building initiative they started in November.

To stimulate the local economy, Hudyncia has organized Cash Mobs to descend on a business and spend, spend. As business owners participate in the mob, the selected target of the mob is kept secret until the final moment.

“Showing up unexpectedly and en masse is the objective, and none will soon forget the joy and beauty of the experience,” said Hudyncia.

Mobbers will gather at 12:30 p.m. in the parking lot to get their instructions. Anyone is welcome to join and spend with a local business.

"Cash Mobbing is spreading across the country because it makes a powerfully positive impression on mobbers and the mobbed; because it's fun and rewarding, it's adventure shopping at a time when many independently owned local businesses are trying to figure out how to pay bills and move forward. Cash-mobbing is also being part of the solution, being the change, at a time when local economies are struggling due to the creative and massive marketing campaigns that pull people to the Internet, chain and big box stores, stores that invest much, much less in the local economy (and take much more, to our detriment),” Hudyncia wrote in an email.


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