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Chasing Mavericks


(Based on true story of surfer)

If you think the surf was high in Narragansett last week, wait until you see this movie about surfing in Santa Cruz, California.

Based on the true story of Jay Moriarty, who grows up with the dream of conquering the Mavericks (giant waves off the California coast), the movie has some terrific surfing scenes, in addition to a poignant story about a fatherless boy (Jonny Weston) who is mentored by Frosty, an obsessive surfer (Gerard Butler).

The story begins with an 8-year-old Jay being saved by Frosty while trying to save his best friend's (Abigail Spencer) dog. This is a movie about bonding between a boy and his mother, a boy and his friend, a boy and his mother, and a boy and the sea.

It gets exciting at times, as we watch Jay's training and eventual battle with the mavericks. It also has two very sad moments in addition to tackling, if not answering, the question as to why young men risk their lives surfing the giant waves.

Both mentor and student are carrying around a lot of baggage, and both learn much from each other. This is one big date movie with enough excitement to hold the interest of the young men, while their dates get caught up in relationships that develop.

Rated PG, with some positive lessons for young folks. Stay for the credits...and bring a handkerchief.


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