Chores N' More: ‘It’s not just about house cleaning’


Meet Felene Frink. Felene Frink is resourceful, dependable, trustworthy, friendly and hard-working. After thirty years in the insurance business, Frink made a bold turn in her life and opened a business where she can do full-time what already comes naturally to her ~ helping others. Her business is called "Chores N'More".

Chores N'More was inspired by an impactful experience Frink had with a close family member. While assisting this family member through a recovery, Frink was struck by how many people there are who need someone whom they can rely on to help them manage the often demanding tasks of daily living. This is true of those who are recuperating from an illness or hospitalization, who are aging and perhaps are just unable to do things they way they once did. Many travel frequently or are so busy working that just staying "above water" is a full-time job. This need provided just the impetus Frink needed to create Chores N'More.

The tagline of Chores N'More is "It's not just about house cleaning." As its name suggests, Frink has a long list of other services she provides beyond simple housecleaning. She not only offers basic services such as dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning beds and bathrooms, she will also deep clean your floors and even wash your windows. Who even has time for these time-consuming tasks anymore? This is where Chores N'More becomes such a life saver.

Felene will not only do your laundry, shop for your food and run errands such as picking up and dropping off dry cleaning, she will also prepare meals for individuals and families - what a relief when a loved one is housebound or somehow incapacitated. If you need an extra hand with seasonal decorating, basic gardening (think SPRING!) or most any chore you might need help with, call Felene Frink, and in her professional and thorough style, she will help you get it done.

One of the best services Frink offers is house and/or pet watching. While you are away, she will check in on your house- pick up the mail and newspapers, turn on lights, check on water pipes, make the house look occupied. She will come feed your pets, take them on walks or to the groomers. Frink is an animal lover, and they will sense her calm and control.

When you are need of an "extra set of hands" or an "extra set of eyes", as we all are from time to time, then Felene Frink is the first person to call. She is flexible, reliable, affordable and extremely organized. You can also be confident that she is insured.

Whether for ongoing help, seasonal help, or just an occasional one-time job, call Felene Frink at 487-9380. She will discuss her fees for your individual needs. You can also visit her at


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