City still catching up with posting utility bill payments


The city tax collector’s office is still playing catch up on posting some utility payments, but according to Tax Collector and Assessor Kenneth Mallette, the bills are correct.

Normally, the water and sewer utility bills go in the mail the first week of December but because the department had fallen behind in posting prior payments, the bills were delayed several weeks. Finally, even though between 1,000 and 2,000 payments hadn’t been posted, the 27,000 invoices went into the mail last week.

Mallette said those who have made payments that had not been recorded at the time the bills were mailed would not be charged interest.

He said he has also received a lot of calls about the amount of charges on the bills.

He noted that while the invoices reflect a Dec. 1 billing, the charges reflect water and sewer usage from June to September, which is often the period of highest water usage. The bills also reflect higher water and sewer rates.

“It’s a matter of catch up,” Mallette said yesterday.

The lag in posting payments is a reflection of the prior quarter billing where interest was inadvertently charged on accounts where it was not due. Rebilling the correct amounts delayed the cycle.


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