City’s ‘financial crisis’


To the Editor:

Mr. Salerno, in your letter to the editor on Dec. 17, 2013, “Plan should focus on children’s education, not money saved,” you claim that on Dan Yorke’s talk show, Mr. Cushman, a former school committee person, stated that there is a ratio of 15 students to one teacher. You then go on to question my integrity. At no time did I bring up the issue of class size in my conversation with Dan. To prove it, I requested the audio from WPRO. Maybe you should listen to it. Copy this link into your Internet browser.stationcaster.com/stations/wpro/media/mp3/Bob_Cushman___Rob_Cote_12_11-1387377296.mp3.

Hopefully you made an honest mistake and your motivation to write the letter wasn’t simply an attempt to discredit me and my support for school consolidation. What troubles me the most, however, is your apparent lack of understanding of the destructive budgetary trends that have occurred over the last decade when you write that the city has been managed extremely well by Mayor Avedisian and the City Council.

Do you have any proof to back up that statement, or is this another attempt by you to make something up to support a false claim?

Please copy this link, drive.google.com/file/d/0B6P1sIPd4PTdTkI5WF9NM1pjVXM/edit?usp=sharing, into your Internet browser and study the facts. Then let me know if you still believe that statement is also still true.

Warwick is experiencing serious financial problems that have been ignored and exacerbated by the lack of leadership by Mayor Avedisian and the City Council. Runaway city spending is directly affecting school programs and services. Delaying consolidation will now result in further detrimental consequences on Warwick’s educational system.

Robert Cushman

Former Warwick City Councilman and School Committee Chairman


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