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Clever 'Hamlette' at Empire Black Blox


The Black Box Theatre at 95 Empire St. has been the site of many interesting and innovative productions over the years.

Leigh Hendrix, a Providence theatre and performance artist, and Melissa Bowler, a stand-up comedian and actor, have joined together to write and perform an hour-long, one-act play that is innovative, original and downright funny.

Leigh and Melissa work side by side in the accounting department but have never communicated until one day when they are trying to avoid a company “sharing circle.” They talk about their avocations as actors, exaggerating a bit. Neither has been able to land a gig.

They decide to create their own vehicle for success by writing and then producing their two-woman version of “Hamlet,” which they title “Hamlette.” Their imaginations run rampant with hilarious results.

When one of them is promoted, their relationship changes drastically, leading to subtle put-downs and out and out resentments. The fast-paced play reaches an abrupt conclusion and giving them something to think about. It is a clever idea that needs some minor tweaking and could even be developed into a longer play.

For $10 and an hour of your time, it is worth catching this weekend, Sept. 27-30 at 8 p.m. at 94 Empire St. in Providence.


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