Closing Vets would be a mistake


To the Editor:

As many may know, my husband George Schmeider passed away on Dec. 3, 2012. My daughter, Mia-Rose, has been attending Vets wrestling and football practices. She has the best scoops in town for a 6-year-old since she’s been doing them since the age of 2.

Mia-Rose wanted a hoodie like her daddy and her brother George Schmeider Jr. I pray to God this is not the only Warwick Vets tracksuit she will be wearing. George had goals for Mia-Rose; he wanted her to break the record in girls’ basketball, which I will continue to help her achieve.

I think that this is a huge mistake to close down Vets. I think with the kindergarten classes being full to max, wouldn’t we be in a terrible predicament when the kids are ready for high school?

I know if Vets closes I will be taking Mia-Rose out of public school and place her in a private school. I don’t believe she will receive the same education and time with the teacher; while saying that, I would like to know if I will be getting a tax break since my tax money is going toward public school education that my daughter will not be receiving. I’m not the only one feeling this way. A lot of my friends feel this way and we make up most of the kindergarten classes in Warwick.

I would love to know if we will all be getting a tax break or a tax check rolled over to the school of my choice for tuition.

Toni Schmeider