Compassionate, caring team at Kent


To the Editor:

In Kent Hospital, there are some great doctors: Dr. G. Valentin Cristescu (surgeon), Dr. NaVeed Rana (chemotherapist) and an anesthetist. Thanks to the gift of God that I could miraculously survived from cancer.

I really appreciate Dr. George Valentin Cristescu, who had saved my life. I was so lucky to become his patient so I was able to rebound from illness and to enjoy family reunion again. Now I feel so grateful and my life is full of hope. If anyone ever needs help on surgery, please look for Dr. George Valentin Cristescu. Having cancer isn’t always equal to death. The most important thing is to find a good doctor.

My name is Yen Du; I had intestinal cancer. Thanks to Dr. Cristescu, he is very professional and care for his patients. He is always on time for rounds and explains details of illness clearly to me. He is a doctor whom has professional ethics.

Another doctor I really want thank is Dr. NaVeed Rana. He is a chemotherapist. With his care, my pain and stress were minimized. Thank you so much for helping me get through those difficult days. If anyone ever need a chemotherapist, he is the one I would recommend.

There is a female doctor I want to say thank you to, her name is Angela Derobertis. She is another great doctor. Thank you so much for your care. Also I want to thanks all nurses whom work with you.

Special thank you to an anesthetist. Sorry, I do not know your name. On Jan 22, 2015, you were the anesthetist that day when I had my surgery. Later on, you met my son at the cafeteria. You comforted my son “your mom will be okay.” Thank you, you are a person with a good soul. You gave my son comfort and hope. I wish you a healthy and good life.

Thank you to Cindy. You came to visit me after I came home from the hospital. She is a nurse full of love with professional skills.

Thank you to all nurses who work in Kent Hospital. I am a Chinese woman who does not speak English. I don’t know how to express my gratitude. The only thing I can do is to put my 

gratitude in the newspaper. Thank God that I could meet these great doctors and nurses. You all had helped me get through my illness. I wish God will bless all of you healthy and continue to save lives so you guys can help more people in our society. You guys are all great with no racism and I am so grateful.

Yen Du

(As translated by Vi Phuong)

West Warwick


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