Congressional smoke screen


To the Editor:

I recently read Jennifer Rodrigues interesting article in the Warwick Beacon of April 24 with the headline, “Langevin encourages young people’s interest in world affairs with Congressional Youth Caucus.” And I thought, what a clever way to spend quality time with some of our state’s brightest high school students while making them feel as though they have any real influence on what Mr. Langevin says, thinks or does. (We, all of us in Rhode Island, are so completely irrelevant to our congressional delegation in Washington that I wonder if anyone’s even noticed lately.) Yes, it is all a smoke screen.

This was most telling with regard to the discussion of the crisis in Ukraine and her relationship with Mother Russia. I doubt if Rep. Langevin ever pointed out to the students that the recent “turmoil” in Kiev was sparked, ignited andfunded to the tune of 5 billion dollars, manned by far-right nationalists, neo-Nazis and mercenaries, and all planned well in advance by our own State Department, CIA, NATO, IMF and World Bank. The debacle was responsible for bringing down the democratically-elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych in a so-called “revolution.” If Rep. Langevin had mentioned all of the above to our students assembled for the caucus, I wonder what they would have said? But rest assured, Rep. Langevin would never do that or will he ever tell you about anything that matters. All you’ll ever get from Mr. Langevin and our congressional delegation is propaganda.

Why, our own Sen. Whitehouse has already been to Kiev and back in order to pay his respects to the illegitimate, bogus, unelected “President” Yatsenyuk.

Putin has had his back pushed to the wall by NATO and the West and he is doing exactly what has to be done. And if there is a World War III, the blood will not be on his hands.

The region has seen so much misery and tragedy over the centuries with ethnic strife and war at the forefront that for some of us it is hard to make sense of it. But have no doubt that there is a serious plan to encircle Russia with our NATO allies and impoverish Ukraine with loans from the drooling international loan sharks known as the IMF. There is, to say the least, a huge play of dynamics in the region, including natural gas to Europe and the Russian naval base on the Black Sea. So many pieces on this chessboard, it’s hard to know where and when they will be played. But they will be played, with profound ramifications for all of us.

Congressional Youth Caucus, you are an amazing group of young citizens, but this is the story you will never hear from Rep. Langevin. You should be commended for your serious interest in politics, but dig deep, question everything, believe nothing until you are satisfied with the answers. It’s hard work, but finding the truth for yourself usually is.

Jim Morgan



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