Consience on vacation?


To the Editor:

I have seen my fair share of lies and mud-slinging during my years, but nothing that compares to the disgusting political cartoon in the Jan. 12 Beacon.

The cartoon states that the Republican Legislature will arrest any Democrat who tries to vote.

Who thought up this revolting lie and why did this paper print it? In what Never-Never Land of delusion does this cartoonist live? Never has any Republican taken or supported efforts to prevent Democrats from voting. If the issue is the Rhode Island voter ID law, that law applies to everyone Republicans, Democrats, Moderates and unaffiliated voters. Further, it was a Democratic-controlled legislature, not a Republican one, that passed the vote ID law. (As a voter, though, I agree that the law is needed to make sure we have fair elections.) The law will be enforced for all elections, including Democrat primaries, so the cartoon is, on its face, nonsense. And how can anyone be so incredibly stupid and ill informed to believe that Rhode Island, of all places, has a Republican Legislature?

I have read in the past, editorials and commentary in this paper decrying political mudslinging. Apparently your conscience goes on vacation when it is your paper that slings the mud.

Joseph H. Weaver
Ward 8 Republican Leader


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