Contest challenges students to write about burning of the Gaspee


The Gaspee Days Committee invites eighth grade students to enter the annual Gaspee Days Essay Contest. The essay contest focuses on the burning of the British ship, HMS Gaspee, in 1772. Students are asked to share their opinion about the burning of the HMS Gaspee, answering this year’s question. The top three winners of the Gaspee Days Essay Contest will be awarded a cash prize and be part of the annual Gaspee Days Parade on Saturday, June 8. The deadline for essays to be submitted is May 1.

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Here is the question students should write about: In 2022, we will be celebrating the 250th anniversary of the burning of the Gaspee. We don’t know who the president will be in 2022, but your task is to write a letter to the future president, inviting him or her to attend the 250th celebration. Assume that this future president knows nothing about the Gaspee affair. Explain why and how the burning of the Gaspee contributed to the formation of our country and why it was significant.


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