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On April 20 at approximately 10:38 a.m., Officer Timothy Tavares met with a woman at police headquarters to take a report of a larceny from a vehicle.

The woman advised that at around 9 a.m. that day, she left her home and realized that her vehicle had been rummaged through. She stated that her wallet, containing her license, credit cards, a small amount of cash and her health cards, was taken. The woman said that upon calling her credit card companies, it was determined that her Citizens Bank Visa business card had been used at Lowe’s that day around 6:09 a.m. for $426.93 and another purchase was made at Speedway in the amount of $11.32.

The victim was given an identity theft affidavit packet and advised how to complete it. She said she had already cancelled all of her credit cards and would take proper precautions to protect her identity from this point forward.

Officer Tavaras then visited the Greenwich Avenue Lowe’s and spoke with the store’s loss prevention department. Security was able to locate the transaction and provided an identification number, digital photo and video of the suspect selecting merchandise and making a purchase with the stolen card. There was also video of the suspect’s vehicle, however they were unable to identify the license plate number.

The report and evidence was forwarded to detectives for further investigation.


Officer Joseph DeDonato responded to the Fairfax Village Apartments on Post Road for a report of items taken from a car.

At the scene, Officer DeDonato met with the victim, who stated that at some point during the overnight hours, someone entered his locked vehicle in front of his apartment and removed a screwdriver and pair of pliers, with a total value of $40, from the car. No other items were missing or damaged.

There are currently no suspects or witnesses, and a report was taken.


Around 7:35 a.m. on April 20, Officer Timothy Tavares met with a man at police headquarters in regards to a stolen motor vehicle.

The victim stated that his motorcycle was secured at 189 Sandy Lane around 9 p.m. the night before. When he woke the next morning around 6 a.m., he realized the motorcycle had been stolen. The bike is described as a 1997 KTM model EXC300, and the victim provided the bike’s vehicle identification number.

Currently there are no suspects or witnesses.


On April 22 at approximately 11:03 p.m., Officer Darren Parrillo responded to the Bald Hill Road Burlington store for a report of a fraudulent transaction, also known as a “flim flam.”

At the scene the officer met with the reporting party, who stated that on April 21 two females were at a register with a cashier. One woman was wearing a black hat and a gray sweater, while the other was wearing a leopard print hijab with a black shirt. The women suspects were intending to purchase men’s suit separated valued at $1,119.84 using all $20 bills for the transaction.

The cashier called a loss prevention officer to assist in counting the money. The cashier counted first, followed by loss prevention, and the cash for the transaction was determined to total $1,120. Loss prevention then left the register, and the woman in the black hat asked the cashier to allow her to count the money again.

When the suspect counted, she laid out the money on the counter. There were five $20 bills in each group with a total of 11 groups, plus one more $20 bill to total $1,120. The woman in the black hat then collected the money into one pile.

Upon review of the store’s security video, the woman can be seen splitting the stack between her fingers, then folding the bottom pile in half and only handing the cashier the top stack. During the transaction, the woman in the leopard print jijab attempted to distract employees by seeking a different size pair of shoes that she was holding. The female in the black hat then asked for change for two $100 bills, but was informed by the cashier that the store does not make change out of the registers.

The suspect then stated that she wanted to ship the items to Mexico, but was advised that the store does not ship items and suggested that she use the post office to do so. At that time, the female in the black hat stated that she wanted her money back. The manager on duty and the store’s customer service supervisor assisted the cashier with the return. The women then exited the store and entered a green work van.

When money was counted from the register, they found that $640 was missing. The store stated that they wish to prosecute all parties involved in the matter. The police report notes that the two women are possible suspects that have been identified on Rhode Island’s Most wanted due to conducting a very similar transaction at Bob’s store in Cranston. The report was forwarded to detectives for review.


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