Police Log - Stolen fragances



On Sept. 9 at approximately 2:26 a.m., Officer William Holz was conducting a traffic stop on Centerville Road adjacent to the TGI Fridays. While speaking with the operator, he looked over his left shoulder and reportedly observed two vehicles moving at a high rate of speed traveling west. As the vehicles approached his cruiser, the vehicle tailing the vehicle in front sounded its horn and passed by extremely close.

According to his report, to avoid being struck by the passenger side mirror of the speeding vehicle, Officer Holz pushed up against the car he had stopped. He then terminated the traffic stop he was conducting and caught up with the other vehicle at the intersection of Centerville Road and Quaker Lane where he conducted another traffic stop.

There he met with the driver, later identified as Daniel Mendoza Bruno, 29, of 49 Parker St. in Central Falls, who provided the officer with all required paperwork. While speaking with Bruno, the officer noted a strong odor of cologne emanating from the car. Bruno also tended to turn his head away from the officer and did not look at him while speaking. Officer Michael Isherwood then arrived on scene, and Officer Holz asked him to continue interviewing Bruno while background checks were conducted.

Officer Isherwood later told Officer Holz that that Bruno admitted to drinking several alcoholic beverages at a nightclub in Providence and that he was following his girlfriend who was driving in front of him. Officer Holz then continued to question Bruno, who is alleged to have admitted drinking approximately six beers and two shots. The officer also detected signs of intoxication from Bruno, and requested that he submit to a series of standardized sobriety tests, which he agreed to.

Based upon Bruno’s operation of his vehicle, his poor performance during the tests, and the officers contact with him during the traffic stop, it was determined that he was unfit to operate a motor vehicle safely and arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. He was then taken into custody and placed in a police cruiser where he shouted at officers that he had to use the bathroom very badly. He was then transported to police headquarters.

At the station, Bruno consented to a chemical breathalyzer test, which produced blood alcohol readings of .123 and .125 percent. He was charged with driving under the influence first offense.


Officer Ali Jaafar was dispatched to the Alltown Mobil Gas Station on Sept. 9 around 11:37 for a report of a past shoplifting.

At the scene he spoke with an employee who explained that a subject entered the establishment and asked the clerk if he could see a few of the Juul vaporizer cartridges in order to inspect them for purchase. The clerk picked a few flavors and handed him one. The subject then asked if he could see the three other cartridges and the clerk refused, then took back the one he had given the suspect.

The clerk proceeded to place the four cartridges behind the counter out of reach. Another customer then entered the station and while the clerk assisted them, the subject reached behind the counter and took the cartridges then left the store without paying.

The man was described as 5’5” to 5’8” in height, was Caucasian with a fair complexion who was extremely thin with long shoulder length brown hair. He was wearing all black at the time of the incident. Video surveillance captured the incident and was to be obtained by police. The case was then forwarded to detectives for review.


On Sept. 11 at 11:50 a.m., Officer Brian Murray was dispatched to AA Thrifty Service on Jefferson Boulevard for a report of a larceny. There he met with the company president who stated that around 6 a.m. that day he noticed aluminum scrap and fabricated pieces missing from the dumpster at the back of the business.

A review of video surveillance showed that on Sunday around 11 a.m., a black pickup truck with a smashed out rear window that was taped and covered pulled into the parking lot. A black male exited the vehicle and took a full truckload of the material from the storage area and then left the area. The victim estimated that the value of the stolen material was around $1,500. The company does wish to press charges if the suspect is found, and the case was sent to detectives.


Officer Walter Larson reported to the Bald Hill Road Victoria’s Secret in reference to a previous shoplifting.

At the store he met with the merchandise supervisor, who stated that at approximately 4:12 p.m. that day she observed a white female wearing a black sweatshirt, jeans and a gray headband who had acne scars and was carrying a black purse as she entered the store. The supervisor said that she and other employees know the woman as “Sandy” but do not know her last name and aren’t sure if that is her real first name.

The supervisor told the officer that she and other employees have seen “Sandy” shoplift at the store in the past. During this occurrence, “Sandy” selected eight bottles of fragrance called “Love,” valued at $68 each, as well as three other items, for a combined value of $598. She then concealed the merchandise in her purse and discarded the electronic sensors in the store before leaving without paying.

A report was taken and the store indicated that they wish to press charges should the suspect be found. The case was then sent to detectives for follow-up.


On Sept. 12 at approximately 1:38 a.m., Officer Christopher Cote was dispatched to the area of 2227 West Shore Road for a report that a single black SUV was involved in an accident and that a tire was off of the vehicle.

At the scene the officer observed the SUV was up the road from Sam’s Inn and that it appeared to be heavily damaged on the front right side. It appeared that the vehicle had gone up a curb and struck a stone barrier with a stop sign in it. The stone barrier was flung into the Sam’s Inn sign. The vehicle continued and struck a pole and eventually came to rest about 50 feet further down the road. According to the police report, numerous pieces of debris including a tire, a piece of fender and other vehicle parts were strewn about the area.

Contact was made with the driver, identified as Antero Cortes, 32, of 435 Hickory St. in Washington Township in New Jersey. He stated that the accident occurred about ten minutes prior to the officer’s arrival, and that a possum ran into the road so he swerved to avoid it. Cortes said he did not suffer any injuries.

Cortes told the officer that he was unfamiliar with the area but that he had just left a strip club after meeting some clients. He said he was on his way to the Sheraton where he was staying, but that he was not sure of its location. While speaking with Cortes, Officer Cote smelled alcohol coming from his breath and observed signs of intoxication. Cortes said he had two vodka mixed drinks that evening. He then consented to take field sobriety tests.

Based upon his test performance and the officer’s experience, it was determined that Cortes would be arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. His vehicle was towed from the scene and he was taken to police headquarters where he later refused to take a chemical breathalyzer test.

Cortez was charged with driving under the influence, first offense, refusal to submit to a chemical test and laned roadway violations. He was then secured in a cell to await his court appearance later that morning.


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Hope the strippers were worth it.

Thursday, September 28, 2017