Police Log - Multiple larcenies



On October 27 at approximately 8:24 a.m. Officer Michael Walker responded to the Stork’s Nest Child Academy on Toll Gate Road for a larceny report.

At the scene he met with the victim, who stated that she had her purse taken from the front passenger seat of her vehicle. The woman told the officer that she had parked directly in front of the building and left it unlocked, then brought her son inside the daycare and was only in the building for about five minutes. When she returned she found that her black Michael Kors purse containing her wallet, multiple credit cards, money, and identification had been taken.

Officer Michael Walker also arrived on scene around the same time for a separate report of another purse being stolen. A second victim told the officer that she had arrived to drop her child off at the center around 8 a.m. and had left her car doors unlocked. When she returned a few minutes later her Coach purse containing $300, a smart phone, multiple credit cards and driver’s license were gone.

Both victims stated that they wished to press charges if a suspect is found. A review of security camera footage showed two black male suspects in white vehicle as being the prime suspects. The case was then forwarded to department detectives for review.

On November 2 at approximately 7:13 a.m. Officer Michael Isherwood and Sergeant Myer responded the Stork’s Nest Child Academy for a reported larceny in progress. While en route to the daycare, dispatch advised that the caller stated her purse and laptop were stolen out of her vehicle and management at the facility had video footage of the incident.

Upon arrival, officers observed a broken driver’s side window of a car parked in the facility’s lot. The owner advised the officers that she had parked her car and was inside the daycare for three minutes before returning to the car and finding the damage and noticing that the purse and laptop were missing.

Officers then viewed security footage and observed a silver Dodge Charger with no front plate pull up next to the victim vehicle. A black male suspect wearing a dark sweatshirt was then seen exiting the Charger and smashing the driver’s side window of the victim’s car with a window punch tool and then reached in and took the items. Later, the computer and purse were found behind a building on Bald Hill Road in a dumpster.


While making a check of Warwick Mall on October 30 around 4:46 p.m., Officer Walter Larson was flagged down by a loss prevention officer from the Nordstrom Rack. He advised the officer that he had just observed a Hispanic male with a black satchel and black coat walk into Macy’s after taking what he believed to be stolen items from Nordstrom Rack.

Officer Larson then walked into Macy’s and observed the subject selecting items from the men’s department. He then spoke with a member of Macy’s loss prevention team and advised him of the subject. The man was then observed selecting numerous items and then walked into a fitting room. When he left the fitting room, he had less items on coat hangers than he went in with. His satchel also appeared to be full. He then repeated the behavior and selected more items. According to the report, many of the items had a security device on them, which was defeated by a magnet. The subject then passed all points of sale without paying and exited the store.

Officer Larson then advised the man, later identified as Jose Rivera Morales, who is homeless, to stop. The officer’s report indicates that Morales was sweating profusely with sweat dripping down his face. He appeared to be wearing multiple layers of clothes. Officer Larson told Morales he was a suspect in a shoplifting and that he was going to pat him down.

Morales had a capped needle in his front pants pocket. Officer Larson reported that Morales showed many indications that he wanted to flee and run, and that he was extremely nervous. He was then handcuffed and escorted back into Macy’s loss prevention office. He was found to have an outstanding bail warrant, and was eventually transported to police headquarters.

Morales was charged with shoplifting-implements of concealment and misdemeanor Shoplifting. He was held for the next session of the Third District Court.


On October 30 at approximately 5:36 p.m., Officers Brian Holleran and Sokphannareth Chea were dispatched to the area of the Home Depot parking lot on Universal Boulevard for a motor vehicle offense in progress. Officers had been advised by dispatch that a possible impaired driver was driving over the curb and that there was a child who was not restrained in the vehicle. A second call to the police indicated that the suspect car was near the Inskip parking lot.

Officers arrived in the area and found the black Mercedes near the Inskip lot, and that numerous people were outside. They stated that the operator of the car was still in the vehicle and that the witnesses had the juvenile female in safety. Additional officers then arrived on scene.

Contact was then made with the driver, later identified as Miguel Domingos, 32, of 30 Round Way Drive in Coventry. While speaking with the suspect, the officers detected a strong smell of alcohol emanating from his breath, and that he showed signs of intoxication. He was asked to step from his vehicle, and Domingos said that he just wanted his daughter to be safe. The officers told Domingos that his daughter was in the care of the police for safety and she was uninjured.

Domingos consented to a field sobriety test. Based upon his performance, along with the officers’ observations and training, it was eventually determined that he would be taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence. He was then taken to police headquarters, where he was processed.

The juvenile female was also taken to headquarters, where officers made contact with her mother who came and took custody of the child.

Domingos was charged with Driving under the influence, first offence, refusal to submit to a chemical breathalyzer test, no child restraint, and possession of marijuana. He was later transported to Kent Hospital for detoxification.


Officer Javier Cabreja met with a victim at police headquarters on November 1 around 4:45 a.m. for a report of items stolen from a motor vehicle at the Radisson Hotel.

The victim told the officer that he stayed at the Radisson on the night of October 31 as he had no power in his home from the storm and was staying at the hotel with his family. He was unsure if he locked his vehicle, and when he returned to the car the next morning for work the car was disheveled. He then found that his black iPad, valued at $500, was missing. A pair of Versace glasses, valued at $250, was also missing.

An application used to track the iPad traced it to a Dunkin Donuts in Medford, Mass. The victim told the officer that he wished to press charges should a suspect be found.


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