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On October 12 at approximately 5:25 p.m., Officers Christopher Gillis and Brian Fontaine were dispatched to Dudley Avenue for a report of a car that had struck a basketball hoop with the driver of the vehicle slumped over the steering wheel.

At the scene the officers found a black Toyota Camry that had hit the basketball hoop in a minor accident. They made contact with the driver, later identified as Claude Cormier, 62, of 11 Sunrise Road in Cranston. The officers reported that Cormier appeared extremely disoriented, did not know where he was, and that he did not understand that he had been in an accident.

Officers also observed signs of intoxication while speaking with Cormier, who could not answer questions such as the current date or who was president. An open bottle of vodka, with half of its contents missing, was reportedly found on the passenger floor of the car. A rescue was requested, as officers felt there may be a possible medical issue. Cormier also allegedly told officer that “I drank a lot.”

Warwick Fire personnel arrived on scene and assessed Cormier’s condition. Cormier continued to not answer questions to determine how alert he was. Fire personnel eventually indicated that they were going to transport Cormier to Kent Hospital for further evaluation. It was then determined that a DUI investigation would be conducted on the rescue ride to the hospital.

According to the report, as rescue crew members began to assist Cormier from the vehicle, he reached for and grabbed the open bottle of vodka from the floor. The bottle was then taken from him and placed back in the car. Once in the rescue, Cormier refused to partake in a standardized sobriety test. He later refused to take a chemical breathalyzer test at the hospital.

Cormier was subsequently issued a summons for driving under the influence first offense and refusal to submit to a chemical test. He was later released to the care and custody of Kent hospital staff.


While on patrol in the area of the Extended Stay on West Natick Road on October 6 around 8:22 p.m., Officer Aaron Steer observed a male subject inside of a vehicle who appeared to hop out of the car with no shoes on.

Officer Steere then stopped to check on the condition of the man, later identified as John Ganser, 23, of 6801 Do Drop In Lane in College Grove, Tennessee. While approaching the vehicle, Officer Steere reported that he detected a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the interior of the car. He then spoke with Ganser, who allegedly stated that he had come out of the vehicle to smoke a blunt. He also admitted that there was a small amount of marijuana located inside the center console.

A check of the vehicle produced approximately four grams of cannabis, which later tested positive for the drug. Ganser was issued a summons charging him with possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.


At approximately 8:33 p.m. on October 13, Officer Derek Mourato observed a Toyota Camry parked in front of the liquor store at Airport Plaza that had heavy smoke inside. Three people were observed inside the vehicle.

Officer Mourato then performed a condition check with the occupant, and identified the driver as Justice Everett, 20, of 419 Friendship Street in Providence. While speaking with Everett, the officer reported that he detected the smell of marijuana and asked if there was any in the vehicle. Everett then handed over a jar filled with suspected marijuana, which contained 26 grams of the substance, which was seized.

Everett was issued a summons for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and was later released.


On October 15 at approximately 11 p.m., Officer Ali Jaafar was dispatched to the Shogun Restaurant on Jefferson Boulevard for a report of stolen rims and tires.

At the restaurant the officer met with the vehicle owner, who stated that she arrived at the location at approximately 7:05 p.m. She said that soon thereafter, a patron approached her table and asked if anyone drove a Hyundai SUV, which was her car. She was told that one of the windows was smashed and that all of the vehicles four tires and rims were stolen. The vehicle had been left perched on cinder blocks.

The woman told the officer that the rims were a high-end model that were chrome with black trim and valued at $2,000. At the time of the report there were no suspects or witnesses.


At approximately 7:30 a.m. on October 11, Officer Michael Walker responded to Elite Physical Therapy on Centerville Road for a report of stolen tires and rims from one of the company’s vehicles.

At the scene, the reporting party stated that sometime during the overnight hours someone removed the tires and rims from the vehicle, which was parked directly in front of their building. In addition to the tires, a black backpack containing first aid equipment was taken from inside the vehicle, which apparently was left unlocked.

There are no suspects or witnesses, however the business does wish to press charges should a suspect be found.


Officer Timothy Lipka met with the owner of the Beach Café on Oakland Beach Avenue on October 13 around 9 a.m. for a report of smashed pumpkins and a sign that was destroyed.

According to the report, surveillance footage showed that on October 12 around 11:40 p.m., a dark colored vehicle pulled up to the front of the café and four males exited while the driver remained inside. The men appeared to be in their 20s or 30s. They were observed dancing in front of the building, then grabbed the pumpkins and proceeded to the side of the bar. There they smashed the pumpkins and damaged a “Gary’s Tiki Bar” sign. The total amount of damage was estimated at $240.

The owner indicated that she wished to press charges if a suspect was found.


At approximately 11:27 a.m. on October 13, Officer Christian Vargas was dispatched to the NYLO Hotel on Knight Street for a report of a larceny from a vehicle. The report notes that this was the third such incident with similar circumstances in the area.

At the hotel the officer met with the reporting party, who stated she left her Cadillac Escalade parked in the second row facing Knight Street the previous evening around 5:30. When she returned the next day she found that the right rear window was broken and that her Apple Macbook Pro and laptop bag were missing.

At the time of the report there were no suspects or witnesses, however the victim wished to press charges. An attempt was being made to retrieve surveillance footage from the hotel, and the report was forwarded to detectives for follow-up.


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